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  • 2019.05.14-15 Practices of Faith in the World of Work

    Work occupies a big chunk of life. But amid meetings, house chores, and traffic jams, it’s easy to let our own work become disconnected from the true work of God in the world. This symposium is designed for managers, professionals, tradespeople, pastoral staff, and home-makers who seek to take their souls to work.
    • Discover how you can grow spiritually while you work.
    • Gain some practical ways of discovering God in your daily enterprise.
    • Experience biblical teaching on the integration of faith and work.
    • Incorporate life rhythms and practices from the traditions of the church.
    Regent College
    5800 University Boulevard
    Vancouver, BC V6T 2E4
    Tom Nelson
    Sharon Daloz Parks
    Paul Stevens
    Kwang Kim
    Kate Harris
    Steve Garger
    Early Bird Rate (Ends May 10): $145
    Standard Rate: $195
    On Saturday, we invite you to join Isaac Wardell, Director of Porter’s Gate Worship Project, for an evening of sacred music. Tickets are $15 for Symposium attendees and $25 for the general public.
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  • Essential truths for your everyday work

    Preparing students for everyday work is one of the practical reasons for education. Parents and students alike are interested in knowing whether what is taught will help get a "good job." If a teacher hasn't thought carefully about the meaning and purpose of work, it is unlikely that they will be able to equip the next generation for the jobs of the future. If teachers don’t communicate a Christ-centered view of work, their students will be inadequately prepared for the good work God has prepared for them (Ephesians 2:10). The required skills will undoubtedly change, so it is essential to consider basic principles of work from God's perspective.

    An article by Robert Alexander, February 25, 2016 in The Gospel Coalition addresses some of these essential truths.

  • Life on the frontline

    supporting-christians-at-work-mark-greeneI rarely remember exactly when an idea is planted in my mind even if it eventually produces huge shifts in my thinking, but I remember reading the “red book”---Supporting Christians at Work by Mark Greene. I’d been thinking about how education related to the to God’s Word and plan–I was a teacher, after all. However, I really hadn’t thought about all the other vocations that God also wants to use to honor Him and serve others. This book and a subsequent visit to the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity began a paradigm shift that has huge implications for the educator who has the responsibility/opportunity to introduce their pupils to so many vocations and their place in the big picture of God’s kingdom building work using ordinary people made new by Christ’s redeeming and the Holy Spirit’s indwelling work.

    I’ve been reading and thinking about the importance of our “workview”—our perspective of one of the most significant portions of our lives—so was excited to hear about a new six-session DVD resource for small groups to inspire and equip Christians to make a difference on their Frontlines.

    To get a taste of the content, check out

  • The Green Room

    “The faith and work movement as you’ve never thought about it before”

  • The Workplace Revival

    "Work was one of the first and primary blessings that God built into this world, and into our very design."

  • Theology of work project

    “A Biblical perspective on work used by workplace Christians, pastors, scholars”

  • Work = Worship

    Christian Overman's blog (June 6, 2011) contains a very interesting video about the value of physical work. Did you know that the Hebrew word for work and worship are the same—avodah?