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  • Music theory: A liberal art in chains

    After centuries at the core of all higher education in Christian Europe, music theory now receives no visible distinctively Christian input to the detriment of both Christian culture and music theory. The author calls for a return of Christian music theory through examination of Christian pieces, consideration of composers as human creations, application of theory to ethics, contemplation of acoustics, and reconnection of music to the rest of God's world.

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  • Questions for "contextualizing" work

    The GOD factor:

    How is God present in this activity? In this place?

    What does God really think about this activity?

    What joy might God receive through my involvement in this activity?

  • REALIS: Education and Light Information Service

    " people integrate the reality of Christ into the reality of everyday life"

  • River Out of Eden

    A response to Richard Dawkins, River Out Of Eden: A Darwinian View Of Life

  • Sastra Dunia

    Saya sedang bersukacita karena salah satu murid kelas English 10 saya menulis, “Saya tidak memiliki hak untuk memilih saya harus menolong atau tidak; Pada hari di mana saya memilih mengikuti Allahku yang konsisten dan pengasih, saya membuang pilihan keapatisan.”

  • Science 5

    I’m excited that my 5th grade science students can connect course content to Biblical teaching, resulting in them making healthy choices. In an essay at the end of a recent health unit, students wrote things like, “I learned that…if you're not spiritually healthy, it will affect your physical health.”

  • Science 8

    By David Marshall at the Christian Academy in Japan

    I'm excited about the way kids were able to see something as simple as Play Station affects their lives and hearts, that technology has positive and negative impacts. During the presentations, one student said, "It's important to be content, rather than wanting the latest technology." Another student said as she demonstrated her blood sugar tester, "Without this device, I would't be alive… The Bible says we are not to murder, which means we are to protect life. This device protects lives."
  • Sevenstar

    "Bring faith to bear upon learning"

  • Staying on the road less traveled: Fulfilling a vocation in science

    By Keith B. Miller and Ruth Douglas Miller in Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, Volume 60, Number 2, pg. 115-117.

    It was over ten years ago that we wrote of our thoughts on "taking the road less traveled" of a vocational calling in the sciences, and particularly within the secular academy.1 We have been asked to reflect again on our experience in staying on that road. The perspective that we emphasized then, and continue to see as foundational, is that of understanding our work as scientists/engineers as an inseparable part of Christian stewardship. We see stewardship as more than just a responsibility to use our resources wisely—we see it as a worldview that encompasses all of life.
  • Strategic Christian Services

    "igniting personal and social transformation"

  • Subject area big picture

    Making sense of any idea is always easier if you know where it fits in the big picture. Knowing where the subject you teach fits in the big picture of God’s purposes and activities, can help you see the connections between your lesson content and God and His word. Helping your students see things from a Biblical perspective becomes an exciting possibility instead of a dreaded responsibility.

  • Summit Ministries

    "Your leading worldview source"

  • Teaching mathematics from a Christian perspective

    By James Bradley, ACSI World Report, 4th Quarter 2007

    Tom voiced his frustrations. “I want to integrate my Christian faith with my mathematics teaching, but it’s hard. I start my classes with prayer, and I try to develop God-honoring relationships with my students. But the content I teach day to day is no different than it would be if I taught in a secular school. My efforts to bring my faith into the mathematics content of my courses always feel superficial to me. At best, I’m using mathematical concepts as metaphors for spiritual truths. Besides, I’m getting a lot of pressure from my school board and principal to teach from a more explicitly Christian perspective. I don’t know what to do.
  • Teaching of Music: A Biblical Perspective

    by Ethne Bourn, Head of Music at Emmanuel College, Gateshead

  • Template Institute

    "rediscovering and teaching God's principles for blessing all nations"

  • The Academy and Jesus

    by Ken Elzinga, posted by Leadership U
    "Modeling oneself after Jesus as teacher"

  • The Christian Mathematician: Devotions for You and Your Students

     Devotions by Dr. Sharon Robbert of Trinity Christian College that “would be instances where the mathematics we were studying reflected God”