Transforming Teachers - Biblical integration

  • God & Math: Thinking Christianly about math education

    “Resources for integrating faith and mathematics”

  • Great Divide: Overcoming the SSD Syndrome

    by Mark Greene, The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
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  • History


  • How great Thou art

    By Mrs. Petricia Ganguly, St. Paul’s School, Gorakhpur U.P., India

    God has made all things for a purpose. Now let’s see few examples from biology—the living science.

    1. Our body is made up of cells. Different cells have different functions in our body, as well as in plant bodies.
    2. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body. They do not have a nucleus, mitochondria and endoplasmic reticulum so they can adopt the optimum shape for absorption of oxygen.
  • Infinity

    By Robert Haraway III at LeadershipU

    Whoever trusts in nothing but the material not only doesn’t trust in the universal witness of the church, but also doesn’t trust in calculus, upon which modern technology is based, and on which mathematicians and physicists the world around take for granted.
  • JECB - Journal of Education and Christian Belief

    “…is concerned with current educational thinking from a Christian perspective”

  • Jubilee Centre

    "Our goal: Christians inspired and equipped to shape social and political life according to biblical principles"

  • Keys To Integration In the Faith-Learning Process

    by Dr. Dennis M. Mills

  • Knowing the Bible is not enough

    Exploring or learning about anything in God’s world without considering God’s revelation of His plans and purposes for His creation is foolishness. But of course, you know that the Bible, God’s word, is important. Obviously, anything that claims to be Christ-centered must be Bible-based or it is merely the figment of our imagination. But what exactly is the role of the Bible in education? Why do many students struggle to see the relevance of the Bible? Why do many teachers find transformational interactions with their students so much easier outside the classroom, rather than in the midst of studying the details of what God has made, where Romans 1:19-20 says His power and nature are clearly seen?

  • Kuyers Mathematics Online

    Kuyers Mathematics is…a fresh approach to mathematics, designed to be both interesting and applicable to the world we live in. It integrates a Christian approach, using mathematics to think about and better understand God, his creation, and our place and calling in the world.
  • Kuyper Foundation

    "Promoting the Renaissance of Christian culture"

  • Leadership U

    "Telling the Truth at the speed of life"

  • Learning Activities for Faith and Psychology

    “…ancillary materials designed to assist the facilitating of a Christian perspective into introductory college-level psychology courses”

  • Maclaurin Institute

    "Bringing God into the marketplace of ideas by communicating the Christian worldview with its transforming potential"

  • Math connections with the Biblical worldview

    By Christian Overman and Don Johnson

    "Does a Biblical worldview shape a person's view of what is 'really real' about math?" This is a non-exhaustive list of ways that mathematics "connects" with the Biblical concepts of God, creation, mankind, moral order and purpose.
  • Mathematical Circles

    By James Nickel at Biblical Christian World View

    "In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Howard Eves (1911-2004), professor of mathematics at University of Maine, wrote a series of books entitled "In Mathematical Circles." He used the division of a circle into 360 degrees to write 360 short essays exposing the variegated beauties, history, people, humor, and applications of mathematics." James Nickel follows "the same structure with the goal of unveiling the vistas and power of mathematics as seen through Biblical Christian eyes."
  • Mathematics

  • Mathematics: Always important, never enough

    By Dr. Calvin Jongsma, Professor of Mathematics at Dordt College

    "A Christian perspective on mathematics and mathematics education" 
  • Menemukan Allah di kelas

    TT.gifPengajar, guru, dan asisten pengajar adalah orang-orang barisan depan yang akan merubah masyarakat kita. Kuasa besar sedang dikerjakan di antara anak-anak dan para pemuda. Media dan pemasaran merebut perhatian mereka dan merebut tiap kesempatan untuk membentuk perasaan dan keputusan mereka. Orang tua, rekan, dan komunitas menggoncang mereka dari tiap arah. Dan di tengah-tengah itu semua, pendidik—yang berjuang untuk bertahan menghadapi ekspektasi atas peran mereka—diharapkan menolong murid-murid memahami perbedaan, merespon dan bersiap bagi ketidakpastian masa depan.

    Siapa yang pantas menjalankan tugas ini? Apakah ada jalan bagi orang-orang Kristen yang bekerja di kampus dan sekolah supaya selamat dari situasi seperti ini, apalagi berusaha dan membuat kontribusi positif? Apa bedanya menjadi orang Kristen?

    Menemukan Allah di kelas mungkin tidak terduga. Kita tidak dapat belajar dari keterangan atau contoh untuk menemukan Allah di kelas. Bahkan tampaknya terkadang kehadiran-Nya terlarang di kelas.

  • Monday Church

    Coram Deo (part of Disciple nations Alliance), the DNA’s free online school has introduced the Monday Church course.

    Why “Monday Church”?

    “The Church is not a building or a Sunday-morning activity; it is the Body of Christ on mission in every sphere of society, every day of the week. Monday Church explores the greatest tool God has given you to impact the world: your work. God intends for your daily work to be for the service of man, the blessing of the nations, and the glory of God.

    Monday Church provides a biblical framework for each of us to establish a meaningful, integrated understanding of our life and work. Whatever your work or vocation, God calls you to a new way of living: fully in His presence and for His glory."

    Watch the 3 minute video introduction below.