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  • ‘Christian Education’: What do we mean?

    …We think of ourselves as Christian educators and we talk a lot about Christian education but what do we mean by this phrase—‘Christian education’? I suspect that we may sometimes use the same words but mean different things. In other words, we may be ‘talking past’ one another rather than truly communicating.

  • 2019.03.01-08.31 GCSLS Global Christian School Leadership eSummit

    Innovate—work together to develop adaptive solutions to the current challenges and opportunities facing Christian education
    20 recorded sessions from the 2019.01.30-02.01 conference with 1100 participants from 25 countries
    Pictures and a brief biography of each speaker featured are available
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    March 1-August 31, 2019
  • 2020.02.26-28 Christian Deeper Learning Conference #3

    On Christian Teaching: Practicing Faith in the Classroom
    February 26-28, 2010
    CACE Center for the Advancement of Christian Education
    Denver Christian School
    Dnver, CO
    Plenary speaker
    David I. Smith
    More information
    Check the CACE website for more information as it is available as well as information about the previous conferences.
  • AEC - Anglican Education Commission

    “…to support, encourage and challenge Christians involved in learning and teaching, whether it be in churches, pre-schools, schools (government, Christian and Anglican), colleges and universities”

  • BFA - Black Forest Academy

    TeachBeyond school that “provides a quality, international Christian education that equips its students to influence their world through biblical thought, character, and action”

  • Book summary: A Christian philosophy of education

    A summary of Gordon Clark's book, A Christian Philosophy of Educationby Dr. C. Matthew McMahon on A Puritan's Mind

    Those who can, do; those who cannot, teach; those who cannot teach, teach Education. This kind of statement describes the American educational system in more ways than one. Education is too important to neglect it or hand it over to those who cannot or do not know how to educate children and young adults. Most American colleges have no philosophy of education at all. They may have some vague ideals or aims. But no concrete philosophy that has any value. Though American colleges do not have a philosophy of education that can be called unified, or have an elaborate world-view set for their students, instead, they cater to having a unity in opposition to Christianity.

  • CACE - Center for the Advancement of Christian Education

    “Our reason for being is to walk alongside Christian schools who are committed to teaching from a Biblical perspective. We exist for the sustainability, improvement, innovation, advocacy, and promotion of Christian education at all levels of learning.”

  • Canada's Christian Library Education

    "Christian education information and issues in education"

  • Cardus Education

    “Cardus Education exists to provide reliable, credible data for non-government types of education.”

  • Cates: A Christian philosophy of education

    “From a Christian philosophy of education, thoughts and actions can be derived, implemented, and defended. The elements to be considered in developing a Christian philosophy of education range from theological and doctrinal to social and educational. The first step is the development of a Biblical base. The Bible becomes the skeleton on which the practical application of our philosophy can be arranged.”

  • CEN - Christian Education National

    “a community of school communities unified around the common goal of authentic, Bible-based, Christ-centred education”

  • Christian or Christ-in education

    Christian education means different things to different people. Perceptions of what it could and should be, have been shaped by the practice and pronouncements of a great variety of people who have identified themselves with Christ, i.e. Christians. Instead of trying to deal with the legacy of millennia, considering what Christ-in education should look like, may move the discussion from the past, or even the present, to the future.

  • Christian School Foundation

    "Connecting donors with vision to a cause that matters"—Christian education in Ontario, Canada

  • Circle

    "Linking educators with resources to continue the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ, anytime, anywhere”

  • Clark: A Christian philosophy of education

    For long periods of time human history moves placidly along, troubled only by minor disturbances. Then in a short span of years, everything seems to happen at once. A storm overtakes the race, breaking up all the fountains of the great deep; and when the waters subside, the course of history has been set for the next epoch.…

    While the political situation that makes newspaper headlines occupies popular attention, the use which dictators have made of education shows clearly that the role of schools and universities is of more profound significance. Educational policy in the new society, whether for good or evil, will be a basic factor.

  • Dreistar Christian University

    "inspire, educate and support (student) teachers and schools providing education based on Reformed Christian principles"

  • Driestar educatief

    ”…een nieuwe organisatie voor het protestants-christelijk en reformatorisch onderwijs in Nederland” onstond op 1 januari 2005

  • ECCEN 2018 - European Conference for Christian Education in the Netherlands

    “…organise conferences for school leaders and teachers in Christian Schools across Europe, drawing together different cultures, nationalities and professions within Christian education”

  • Edição Especial Educação

    Conheça um pouco mais da História da Educação Escolar Cristã

  • Education or Transform-ED - PPT

    Everyone seems to believe that education is the way to bring about positive change in the world. Education that makes a difference—transformational education—is a highly desirable commodity. Training, instruction and nurture are 3 dimensions of education, but having all 3 present and in balance is a lot easier said than done. This video explores what is needed for education to fulfill its promise of positive change as it becomes Transform-ED.

    You can watch an Office Mix which considers various similies we use to describe what the Bible is like and their implications for Biblical integration. It is also possible to download a video of the presentation.

    The PowerPoint slides were designed by Sandy Strukoff.

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